Prep & Pantry
Keep your goods from going bad!

Prep & Pantry is your tracking solution for food storage and preparedness supplies! Track stored item locations, quantities, and expiration dates. The cost of the app is more than repaid by the decrease in food waste.

Since 2010.
Continuously improving and fully supported.

Complete 3.0 Feature List

Integrated barcode scanning.
★ One tap entry of non-barcoded items.
★ Front facing barcode scanning for iPads!
Add and remove items by scanning, manual entry, or item look-up.
Add an item with as few as two taps.
Online UPC look-up featuring 1.5 million items and growing.
★ Submit items to the online UPC database. (Configurable)
★ Flag incorrect UPC database items.
★ Add an item image through camera or gallery look-up.
★ Delete item images.
★ Purchase history by date, store, and price.
Track minimum quantities.
★ Track expiration dates or optionally disable.
“Does not expire” setting.
Track locations with optional set-and-forget one-time location entry.
★ Optional settings to remember last store and last location entered for quick item entry.
Item notes field.
Item tagging with unlimited tags.
Coupon tracking by item.
★ Track item calories and servings.
Super fast item entry for with multiple locations and/or expiration dates.
Easy editing of the item details.
Searchable item lists organized by expiration, location, tag, and alphabetically.
Quickly add, edit, and delete items through the list view.
Quickly add items to the shopping list through the list view.
★ 50% larger item thumbnails. A single tap shows an enlarged view.
★Searchable shopping list organized alphabetically and by store.
Easily add both current inventory and non-inventory items to the shopping list.
★ Remove items individually from the shopping list by swiping or with a clear all button.
Email enabled shopping lists.
Easily manage locations, tags, and stores through the item entry screens or the settings tab.
★ Four additional email enabled inventory reports: general, expired item, zero quantity item, and a CSV export for custom report generation.
Optionally configure how and when items are added to the shopping list.
★ Retroactive add items to the shopping list based on their minimum quantity.
Optionally show item thumbnails in the list view.
Optionally show the item description in the list view.
Optional use of your phone’s GPS to lookup and save location information.
Eight different date format options.
Configurable icon badge options including OFF.
Sync unlimited group members.
★ Active sync indicator.
★ Real-time list view refresh when syncing.
Data backup to server. (Optional)
Scan and track coupons.

[★ New or updated feature]