Prep & Pantry
Keep your goods from going bad!

Prep & Pantry is your tracking solution for food storage and preparedness supplies! Track stored item locations, quantities, and expiration dates. The cost of the app is more than repaid by the decrease in food waste.

Since 2010.
Continuously improving and fully supported.


  • Looks like I’ll love it!!


    “I’m just getting started with this, but so far I’m loving it! Very easy to set up & use. Best of all is the amazing tech support! I had a problem & sent an email to their help desk. Within 12 hours I had a (detailed) response that totally solved my problem. Very impressed! Worth the money for sure!”

    Katiekins →
  • Really great app for food businesses


    “Very well thought out app, must have it every pantry or food business. We run a food business and this app comes in very handy for managing what we have on hand and managing expiration dates. Anyone who has tried to manage good expiration dates on a spreadsheet can understand the pain. Expiration teaching becomes the most important thing for a food business. This app will manage inventory by expiration, easy to add and remove products (almost works like a pos system of a store), scan in, scan out, that simple. And the cloud based syncing is AWESOME, pick up an of the household iPhones with the app, all connected to the same group (created in the app) and all your changes show up instantly on all devices. Contacted customer support on an issue and with some upgrade ideas and heard back from them immediately. Very responsive and professional.”

  • Great App for Tracking Pantry


    “This app works exactly as advertised. There are a few items not found in the database, but it doesnt take much effort to fill in the Name and Description field. I’d love to be able to connect to a database that also tracks the nutritional information for whats on my list. Hint Hint”

  • Great!


    “I thought that all ye good reviews were by employees of prep and pantry, but actually I was really impressed how responsive customer service was, and how well it works!”

    Peril. →
  • Great Product & Great Support


    “The app works exactly as advertised, and the ability to sync across multiple devices makes it an absolute must have. Additionally, the Customer Support is amazing. I had one corrupted item in my data that kept the app from working completely, through no fault of the software. I e-mailed a request for help, got a reply the same day and they fixed my problem within 48 hours. If you’re looking for a great app to keep track of all your food storage items, you can’t go wrong with Prep & Pantry.”